Trailer manufacturer buys British and supports UK steel industry

Industrial and agricultural forging specialist Brockhouse has announced a new commercial relationship with Bailey Trailers that will see Brockhouse supply tow hitches to the Lincolnshire-based trailer manufacturer.

Bailey Trailers is a family-owned company manufacturing a range of trailers.  Total annual production is currently in excess of 1,200 units per year. The relationship will see Brockhouse supply a tow bar hitch for each trailer, alongside a small stock of spares.

Part of the OSSL Group, Brockhouse secured the contract after being able to deliver not only a cost competitive to Chinese alternatives, without sacrificing quality, but also faster, more agile response to changes in demand.  This is one of the key advantages of domestic suppliers in the UK.  To date, all delivery timetables have been met.

Brockhouse has also been able to engineer changes to the tow bars, including the addition of the new Bailey Trailers logo.

Michelle Chessum, company secretary of Bailey Trailers said: “As a domestic manufacturer, we are proud to have a UK first policy for our supply chain, wherever possible. This meant that when an opportunity arose to secure the same quality product at a comparative cost from Brockhouse, we were only too pleased to begin a new relationship.”

Chris Hutton-Penman, chairman of the OSSL Group added: “Two of the key advantages of a domestic supplier are faster responses and a closer relationship. UK manufacturing is beginning to revisit domestic suppliers in the wake of increased prices overseas and ever more fragile global supply chains.  Whilst the market for domestic forges has undeniably reduced, manufacturers such as Bailey prove that there is still space to compete for suppliers willing to go the extra mile.”

Established in 1885 as a spring and axle maker, Brockhouse is not only a name synonymous with the forging industry in the UK, but has also expanded its scope into added value processes such as machining, sub assembly, fabrication and worldwide sourcing of forged components.