Off Highway


​Supplying a range of heavy duty products to suit a highly demanding environment.

Off highway vehicles need to demonstrate a high level of performance and to do this with total reliability to ensure a lengthy and effective product life. Forgings offer the kind of strength and reliability needed in this market, therefore designers regularly specify forged components for axle, transmission and braking components together with the linkages and attachments critical for effective usage of these machines. Brockhouse supplies numerous items into this sector, offering a cost-effective range of products that give the strength and reliability seen as necessary

Many forgings are used in currently produced vehicles, often having offered the opportunity to replace parts machined from solid with a solution that is stronger and more cost effective. We see a continual trend to use more forged parts as the benefits become apparent.

As well as current models, we also support the aftermarket sector as we can produce small volumes of now-obsolete parts. We consider this to be an important part of the service we offer, and lower volumes do not constitute a problem for the Brockhouse production team.

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