Top 10 Reasons To Reshore Your Production!

The Benefits Of Reshoring  

For the past five months travel restrictions and border closures around the world have disrupted freight transport, business travel and the supply of services that rely on the presence of individuals abroad. The global pandemic has put a spotlight on the fragility of international supply chains and the immediate consequences of significant disruption.

The performance of freight transport services is crucial to controlling trade costs in manufacturing. Since the beginning of COVID, land and sea transport have remained, for the most part, operational, however delays have been common. Air freight has seen the biggest impact; in March this year the global air cargo capacity shrunk by 24.6%.

Brockhouse boasts a history dating back to 1885, making us experts in our field and a reliable supplier for forging, machining, fabrication and assembly, die manufacture and CAD/CAM design. We understand our customer’s requirements and the pressure to deliver a quick turnaround, working alongside our customers to control costs whilst maintaining high standards.


Top 10 Reasons For Reshoring

  1. Remove the risk of catastrophic supply chain collapse
  2. Reduce the risk of delays in delivery
  3. Maintain tighter control over product quality and standards
  4. Remove any uncertainty surrounding ethical practice/production
  5. Working in similar time zones allows speedy response to problem solving
  6. Eliminate travel costs and business expenses
  7. Reduce overall turnaround time
  8. Ability to visit supplier on a regular basis or as required
  9. Reduce or eliminate delivery costs
  10. Remove any barriers to business deals or contracts (language, terminology etc.)


For more information on reshoring production with Brockhouse please contact us today and our team would be happy to discuss your requirements.