The Advantages of Using Forged Components in the Agricultural Industry

The use of forgings for manufacture of components for the agricultural industry has many advantages. Machinery constructed for the agricultural industry covers tasks such as harvesting, soil preparation, muck spreading and materials handling amongst many other applications. A range of components can be forged for the agricultural industry, including couplings, crankshafts, linkages and connectors.

The advantages of using forgings for these components includes their inherent strength and durability, as forged components will be both stronger and tougher than parts made by other methods. As forged components do not have the same weaknesses caused by porosity found in castings, they’re more durable, which is vital in agriculture where components face a harsh working environment.

So because of these superior properties, forged components for the agricultural industry should last longer than components manufactured using other methods. This means that they are more cost effective over time, as they will not need replacing as often.

Brockhouse has had extensive experience in supplying quality forgings to the agricultural sector for decades. We work closely with and alongside some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of farming equipment, delivering a range of products and parts including coupling systems, and pick-up and tow hitches for tractors, trailers, and telehandlers.


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Our skilled workforce has been producing quality forgings for over a century, establishing a strong reputation for Brockhouse as a market leader, working with a network of customers globally. From our West Bromwich based facility, we offer a complete service including design, die & tool manufacture, forging, machining, and heat treatment for items up to 400 kgs in weight.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the challenges of fast response, high quality and low-cost solutions that our customers require. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to offer the widest range of products from a single forge.

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