Full Steam Ahead…Brockhouse Preserves Britain’s Heritage Railway

A proud British heritage, the very first full-scale steam engine locomotive was the 3ft gauge Coalbrookdale Locomotive built in 1802 by Richard Trevithick, a British inventor and mining engineer from Cornwall. It was the railways in the first half of the 19th Century that made the Industrial Revolution possible. They were the biggest catalysts of economic and social change in the era, transforming the landscape of Britain.

Today the Heritage Railway remains at the core of British engineering, with more than 100 railways running over distances ranging from a couple of miles to over 40 miles across the UK. An army of volunteers and steam engine enthusiasts dedicate their time and expertise to the upkeep and operation of the lines, providing authentic visitor experiences and a trip into the history of the railway.

Brockhouse is proud to be a UK supplier of replacement parts that allow the steam engine locomotives to continue running on the Heritage Railway. Brockhouse produces a range of specialist forgings, including safety critical assemblies and components for coupling, draw gear, braking and suspension systems.

Brockhouse has been a supplier to the heritage railway for over 50 years and takes pride in our contribution to keeping such an important part of British history alive. Our facility has the capability to deliver forged, machined and assembled parts to meet the rigorous demands of a safety conscious industry.

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