Quality Products for niche Automotive markets.

At Brockhouse we produce low volume parts for the automotive industry and its tier one and tier two suppliers.

We supply into truck and bus, motorsport, classic car, defence, off highway and specialist vehicle markets with products that range from small hinges weighing 0.5 Kg through upset forged drive shafts to steering arms, crankshafts, wishbones, stub axles and con rods. All manufactured for safety critical applications.

Product simulation plays an important part in analysing grain flow in almost all of these applications where strength and longevity is paramount. All of our automotive parts undergo 100% crack detection testing prior to final approval.

We work to exacting standards to undertake post forge machining so we can present components to our customer ready for final machining and gear cutting.

Case Study: Bill Bennett Engineering Hitch Systems

As an industrial and agricultural forging specialist we were able to recently announce a new commercial relationship with Bill Bennett Engineering, a leading manufacturer of hitch systems used in the agriculture sector.

Brockhouse secured the contract after the previous supplier to Bill Bennett had ceased UK production and moved manufacture (including dies and tools) overseas.  This introduced an unacceptable level of risk into the supply chain for Bill Bennett.

We were able to match both the price and quality of the previous supplier as well as provide a complete service, including forging, engineering and finishing.  Most importantly, the integrity of supply was guaranteed enabling us to achieve a 100% on time and in full delivery record against all requirements.

“Being closer to a supplier has the immediate benefit of direct control over the quality and availability of the parts we need. Complete quality control, throughout the supply chain, is vital if we are to compete.  This is what we are able to achieve with Brockhouse.” Bill Bennett Engineering.

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