How Are Forgings Used In Agriculture?
In the UK, the value of the agricultural industry or the Total Income From Farming (TIFF) is over £4 billion annually, with the Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA) covering 71% of land in the UK. In order to support the 17.3 million hectares of farming activity, reliable, robust farming equipment is critical. Brockhouse has been supplying quality forgings to the agricultural industry for decades, working alongside some of the UK’s leading farming equipment manufacturers. Forgings are often found at points of shock and stress, where strength and performance are paramount. Brockhouse delivers a range of products and parts for farming machinery including coupling systems, pick-up hitches and tow hitches for tractors, trailers and telehandlers. From the centrally located production plant in West Bromwich, Brockhouse combines traditional forging processes with technologically advanced CNC machining and finishing to provide a one-stop complete solution for forged parts. Our Design Engineers work closely with each client to create and produce parts that meet specific requirements in even the most demanding environments. Parts produced from forging boast a number of key advantages over those manufactured through alternative metalwork methods, including: Versatility – from shaft and simple bar, to ring configurations and bespoke shapes, forging can produce a wide variety of designs. Reliability – where safety critical parts are applied, forged components are trusted for their structural reliability. Strength – as the metal is shaped during the forging process its grain texture deforms, refining and redirecting to follow the general shape of the part. This results in continuous texture variation throughout the part, producing improved strength characteristics and impact resistance. Cost Effective – in most cases, when considering the costs incurred in the overall product lifecycle, forging is much more cost effective. For more information on how Brockhouse can support your business in the manufacture of farming equipment and agricultural machinery, please contact a member of our team today.