Brockhouse’s Operations are Covid-19 Secure

Brockhouse has been able to work throughout the lockdown period by implementing a rigorous Covid-19 programme of procedures and activities, in line with government and HSE guidelines for manufacturing.

We would like to reassure our valued employees, suppliers and clients that we are taking every appropriate measure to reduce any risk of contagion and keep all of you safe!


What changes have we made to keep you safe?

Here at Brockhouse we have six working areas: Forge, Post Forge, Machine Shop, Die Shop, Maintenance Area, and Despatch Area. Changes have been made in each department in keeping with government guidelines.

We would like to explain how we are ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. Firstly, in terms of the layout and manoeuvring around the workplace 2 metres are kept between employees where possible and practical, Brockhouse has implemented limits on the number of operatives working in one area at one time to make this possible. Luckily, our Post Forge area is quite large, so keeping a safe distance is a relatively simple task.

Like many companies, we have placed a much stronger emphasis on hygienic practices since the outbreak. We have provided face masks and hand sanitiser and soap are readily available in each working area to ensure our people have the facilities to wash frequently. All employees are temperature checked on arrival and additionally, areas used by multiple people are being wiped down with disinfectant multiple times a day to minimize any possible contamination.

We are aware that cleaning surfaces, door handles etc. is only part of the battle. Personal hygiene is extremely important in minimising the risk of contagion. There are three washrooms and one shower room across the site, ensuring that good hygiene can be kept up throughout the working day. These facilities are always open and cleaned daily.

Staff are now only on site for essential tasks to limit the amount of people sharing any confined space at any given time. Employee break times have been split up and the rest room is large enough to accommodate a 2 metre distance between all employees. Some will spend their break times at their personal working area, if this is possible, hygienic, and comfortable and if they are happy with this arrangement. From March onwards, where feasible, staff have been working from home and we have established a series of online meetings to ensure ongoing continuity.


How are we keeping up the good work amidst the Coronavirus outbreak?

Along with the Director of Manufacturing, we have fully experienced Team Leaders in each department still working on site; they are available for monitoring and quality checking ongoing work.

All the managerial team have been briefed on the importance of social distancing and have been tasked to enforce this procedure in all possible circumstances. They have relayed the brief to all employees and are consistently making checks to ensure compliance

Should the need arise to seek advice from a person working remotely, all mobile numbers and email details have been made available.  Where a problem necessitates a site visit, the required person will only remain on site for the minimum time required to resolve the issue.

Brockhouse have been working tirelessly to establish processes and procedures that allow us to keep up production during these difficult times and ensure that we can continue to fulfil client expectations worldwide. The focus of our efforts has, of course, been on keeping our colleagues and clients safe and healthy.