Brockhouse specialises in the process of steel forging

Steel forging is a manufacturing method used to shape steel into various desired forms by applying compressive forces using hammers, presses, and other machinery. The process involves heating the steel to a high temperature and then deforming it to achieve the desired shape.

Forging is a critical technique used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing. It produces strong, reliable, and high-quality components, making it suitable for applications where durability and strength are crucial.

Buying forgings from single source of procurement, also known as consolidating procurement, can offer several benefits for organisations.  A steel forging contractor typically offers services such as:

  1. Custom Forging: Producing steel forgings based on specific designs and requirements provided by clients.
  2. Die Design and Manufacturing: Creating custom dies or tooling needed for the forging process.
  3. Material Selection: Assisting clients in choosing the appropriate steel grade for their applications.
  4. Heat Treatment: Performing heat treatment processes such as annealing, quenching, and tempering to optimize the mechanical properties of the forgings.
  5. Machining: Providing additional machining services to achieve precise tolerances or specific surface finishes.
  6. Paint Shop: Providing on-site finishing services, with dedicated spray booth operatives who deliver professional paint coating.
  7. Quality Control and Testing: Ensuring the forged steel components meet industry standards and client specifications through various quality control measures and testing.

Brockhouse is well placed to become your ideal forging partner. Our skilled workforce has been producing quality forgings for over a century, establishing a strong reputation for Brockhouse as a market leader, working with a network of customers globally. From our West Bromwich based facility, we offer a complete service including design, die & tool manufacture, forging, machining, and heat treatment for items up to 400 kgs in weight.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the challenges of fast response, high quality, and low-cost solutions that our customers require. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to offer the widest range of products from a single forge. Brockhouse is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and we hold a number of specific customer and industry approvals, demonstrating a continued commitment to quality control, continuous improvement, and customer service throughout our organisation.

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