Brockhouse: One Single Procurement Source

Buying forgings from single source of procurement, also known as consolidating procurement, can offer several benefits for organisations. In this article we discuss the advantages of doing so:


  1. Cost Savings: By consolidating procurement activities with a single source, companies can leverage their buying power to negotiate better prices, discounts, and terms with suppliers. This can lead to cost savings through repeat orders for forged parts, volume discounts, and reduced administrative expenses associated with managing multiple suppliers.
  2. Streamlined Processes: There are big advantages in dealing with a single procurement source who can handle the entire production process from forging through to a final component that could also require heat treatment, machining and painting. This eliminates the need to manage multiple supplier and subcontractor relationships, negotiate separate contracts, and handle various purchasing procedures. This can lead to increased efficiency, reduced paperwork, and faster procurement cycles, ensuring you receive your parts on time with no delays.
  3. Improved Supplier Relationships: Focusing on a single source of procurement allows companies to develop closer and more strategic relationships with suppliers. With fewer suppliers to manage, it becomes easier to establish partnerships based on trust. Good relationships can lead to improved communication, better service, and faster response times from suppliers. Brockhouse has been established for over 130 years and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the challenges of fast response, high quality and low-cost solutions that our customers require.
  4. Risk Mitigation: A single source of procurement allows companies to better manage and mitigate risks. By working closely with a smaller pool of suppliers, companies can assess and monitor supplier performance, quality control, and reliability more effectively. This reduces the risk of disruptions, product defects, or supply chain bottlenecks that could impact your business operations.
  5. Quality Control: Working with a single company for your forged components allows for better control over the quality of the products. By establishing a long-term partnership with a reliable forging company, you can expect consistent quality standards and specifications for the components you require. Quality is crucial in forging components, approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, Brockhouse is committed to meeting customer expectations through excellent quality and competitive pricing.


Our skilled workforce has been producing quality forgings for over a century, establishing a strong reputation for Brockhouse as a market leader, working with a network of customers globally. From our West Bromwich based facility, we offer a complete service including design, die & tool manufacture, forging, machining, and heat treatment for items up to 400 kgs in weight.

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