Warm Forging.

Minimum waste, reduced machining time, reduced costs



We have 750T and 500T presses with induction heating facilities capable of producing near nett shape forgings up to 7 Kgs in weight with extruded diameters up to 120 mm.


Warm forging offers the following benefits:

  • Optimization of raw material – minimum waste
  • Potential to reduce machining time
  • Produces a product of excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Significant tolerance advantage over conventional hot forging
  • Process produces a flashless forging with superior grain flow
  • Centres can be incorporated as part of the process eliminating the need for primary facing and centring operations
  • Less energy consumption in the forging process – reduced costs

Typical applications

Powertrain products and drives – pinions, hubs, shafts and bevel gears

Motors – shafts, sprockets, splines and gears

Actuators – complex shafts

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