Global Sourcing.

Extensive worldwide sourcing, exporting and shipping knowledge.

We have years of expertise in sourcing from long term partners in ‘low cost’ countries.

We recognise that there are times when a complete package can only be provided by using the trusted partnerships that we have built.

We understand the world of forging and we ensure that any sourcing initiative we take is a business success. All our partners are fully audited and meet the high standards that both we and our customers demand.

Our global alliances extend worldwide. Working with our partners in an exchange of technical expertise and best practice we aim to deliver the best value solution of a managed supply chain delivered to our customer’s door.

Our Customers vary greatly and we manage each of their specific needs by providing a tailored service package. So, whether it’s a fixed contract quantity, small batch quantities, managed inventory, just-in-time, or kanban supply, we are always ready to deliver the best possible solution.

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