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Top 10 Reasons To Reshore Your Production!

The Benefits Of Reshoring   For the past five months travel restrictions and border closures around the world have disrupted freight transport, business travel and the supply of services that rely on the presence of individuals abroad. The global pandemic has put a spotlight on the fragility of international supply chains and the immediate consequences...   Read more

How Can Brockhouse Help With Your Reshoring Activity?

Brockhouse Group Ltd is a UK manufacturer providing drop hammer, upsetters and stamping for all your forging needs, plus a range of post-forge services including heat treatment and finishing. Also specialising in die manufacture, with in-house CAD/CAM Design. With extensive post forge machining facilities, our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for component manufacture...   Read more

Brockhouse’s Operations are Covid-19 Secure

Brockhouse has been able to work throughout the lockdown period by implementing a rigorous Covid-19 programme of procedures and activities, in line with government and HSE guidelines for manufacturing. We would like to reassure our valued employees, suppliers and clients that we are taking every appropriate measure to reduce any risk of contagion and keep...   Read more

Reshoring: Why is it happening?

­To understand the concept of Reshoring, it is important to first understand the concept of Offshoring and why it began. ‘Offshoring – A firm’s decision to relocate production capacity from its home country to an overseas destination’ The relocation of manufacturing to overseas countries picked up momentum and started to become a trend with UK...   Read more

COVID-19 Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest Update We understand the uncertainty this unprecedented time might be causing; however we remain focused on supporting all of our customers wherever they may be. YES, WE ARE OPEN! Brockhouse Group is accepting and processing orders. Our Customer Service and Technical team is available to assist you. Please bear with us as...   Read more