Supplying critical engineering flow control solutions to enable energy and process industries to operate safely.

In a market where zero defect is an absolute must and process control is a necessity at every stage of the operation, we take quality control and performance to another level in order to meet the most stringent of demands for our customers in the nuclear industry.

Working with Alloy, Stainless and Super Duplex materials we carry out Positive Material Identification on all incoming materials. Cobalt content is critical as is the overall chemical composition in meeting the safety requirements laid down by this industry.

Our customers require defect free, faultless components with full test certification to ensure that every part we supply exhibits all the correct properties to meet the rigorous conditions under which they are used.

With the relatively high cost of raw material we work with our customers to design the most economically forged component with the minimum amount of waste and material removal at final machining.

Case Study: CSFI Counterfeit Fraud and Suspect Items

There have been a number of high profile instances of companies making fraudulent statements on the quality or integrity of their products. The latest headlines concern Japanese Steel manufacturer Kobe Steel Ltd.

We provide safety critical valve body components to the Nuclear Industry. Suppling this sector depends upon the integrity of the products that it uses and any inclusion of counterfeit or fraudulent components into the supply chain could potentially have catastrophic consequences.

With an increasingly complex global supply chain, we track, inspect and manage materials throughout the supply chain to ensure authenticity is not compromised. We understand the growing impact that counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items may pose on safety, performance and reliability. As such, we are committed to establishing relationships, processes and procedures to minimise the risk of using counterfeit material in our products. We do this by:

  • Governing the detection, prevention, removal or mitigation of counterfeit, fraudulent or suspect material from the supply chain.
  • Developing strategic plans to manage long-term availability of authentic materials and sources.
  • Continually improving purchasing processes aimed at reducing the risk of procuring counterfeit materials.
  • Challenging our external supply chain to meet the same standard as our internal supply chain.

It is this approach that ensures that we remain a trusted supplier of valve body forgings to the Nuclear sector.

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