Where strength and wear resistance is paramount.

In the harsh environment of mining where strength and wear resistance are paramount an alloy steel, forged product is the ideal solution.

Working with alloys that provide toughness, good tensile and shock resistant properties, we supply rack bars, flight bars, straps, twin-scraper bars, dumbbells and a variety of associated components used to meet the demanding requirements of high output coal faces.

Resistance to wear is greatly enhanced by induction hardening.

Our experienced sales team and forge development engineers work with many of our customers to develop new products, and ultimately deliver a more cost effective solution to our mining industry customers.

Case Study: Brockhouse Flightbar

Brockhouse is a leading supplier of Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) components to the coal mining industry worldwide. Demands are increasing as mines beef up their systems with greater power, maximising the rate of coal removal.

We were challenged to take an existing part re-engineer it to reduce weight and cost, without compromising in any way its strength and durability. Using finite element analysis (FEA) the team simulated how the flightbar would respond under expected loading conditions. Taking it past its point of yield at 75kN to the point at which it broke at 350kN, they then loaded it to 90% of its yield point and analysed the results.

Having identified the low stress areas in the bar they then set about removing material from these areas subjecting the component to identical tests up to 65kN, below the yield point but sufficient to illustrate elastic deformation.

As a result of this process we were able to safely remove 8.7% of the weight of the flightbar, maintaining its strength and reducing its cost without compromising any of its performance characteristics.

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