Brockhouse MK2 Corgi


A great big thank you to all the Brockhouse Apprentices Tayo Baptiste, Joshua Cameron and Garry Sinar for their hard work producing a stand for our newly acquired MK2 Corgi.

WP_20140327_001For your information production of the Corgi scooter for the UK market began in 1948 and 27,050 were manufactured in Brockhouse Southport before production ended in October 1954. Descended directly from the famous war-time Para-troopers collapsible the trusty little Brockhouse “CORGI” was ideal for home-to-office trips : for jaunts on high-way or byway. It combined maximum carrying capacity with the minimum weight and mnimum of control. The Brockhouse CORGI cruising speed was 24-28 m.p.h., and it did 150 miles to 1 ¼ gallon of petrol. Quick off the mark and steady on the road, it was the complete answer to all who wanted the most economical form of self-propelled transport, for men and women of every age and occupation.